Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Super Cheap apps on Android Market

Meant to post this yesterday, and as it stands there's only a few more hours to take advantage of today's deals... to celelbrate the 10 billionth app download in the android market, google has reduced the price on certain apps to just 10 cents. 10 apps were offered yesterday and a different set of ten apps are offered today. Once you've bought an app (regardless of the price paid). You own the rights to use that app. Even if you uninstall it you can reinstall it later or reinstall it on any other android device tied to the same google account. Personally, I think is worth a dollar a day just on the off chance I decide I want the app later.

That said, my personal recommendation for today's apps:

  • Fruit Ninja: It's a simple, but adictive mobile game. Pretty popular on Android and iOS.

  • Readitlater Pro.... this is a great app for reading web pages, particuliarly once you integrate it with Google reader. I screen articles all the time that I know I want to read later. I can flag them in this app (clearing my RSS feed) and then revisit the article. The best thing is that you can sync while you have a signal and then read the articles offline without a connection later. This is really handy for Wifi-only devices like my hacked Nook Color... or catching up on articles while sitting on a plane.
  • Beautiful Widgets... great set of widgets to customize your home screen with clocks and weather. Not my personal favorite app in this category, but quite good and quite popular.

No idea how many days Google is going to offer this promotion. So far they've gotten me for about $1.50. :)
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Android Market 10 billion promotion
We're on Day 2 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration in which 10 apps will be sold for a dime.

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