Thursday, December 08, 2011

Is it possible to love a man I've never met? (Sorry dear...)

"What our fans have to understand is you have a coach and we’re trying to build a program, so when all the noise in the system and all the rumors start, just don’t even focus on it," Strong said. "Don’t even turn your attention to it. Nothing is going to happen."


"At some point, just trust me," Strong said. "I’m not looking for a job. I have a job. I’m the head coach at the University of Louisville."


"Every time something happens, I’ve got to make a statement?" Strong said. "It probably makes other schools look good to say ‘Hey we’re pursuing this coach or we’re pursuing that coach.’"

"I work for an unbelievable athletic director, I work for a guy who has given me everything I have asked for," Strong said. "You have so much support from the university, from the city of Louisville. Now all of a sudden, a guy who couldn’t get a job has a job and has some success -- why would we ever think now that he’s just going to chop it and leave?"

"The University of Louisville is not going to become training ground for college coaches," he said.

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