Friday, December 04, 2009

Still out here

I suspect most people that bother to read this know most of the information I'm about to post, but I feel that I should make a statement about where I've been for the past 6 months.

So in roughly June of this year I discovered that I would be starting a new assignment at work near the end of August. This is par for the course in large companies. I get a new assignment roughly every 2-3 years. This is my 5th assignment in 10 years (yes, obviously, some were shorter for the math to work).

Anyway, just prior to learning this, I had started on a project that I was uniquely qualified to work on. Having started this project in mid-may it was estimated it was going to take about six months of work.

The catch was, I now had to do it in three... and I wasn't allowed to scale back the work.

So I put in a lot of long days and even some long evenings and I'm happy to report I did get everything done in time!

Of course, I jumped from that immediately into my new assignment. This new assignment has been quite a bit different from my prior work so even now, I'm three months in and I still have a lot of learning to do.

During this time I've also had some chaos in my personal life with the death of my maternal grandfather (which necessitated some last-minute travel back to Louisville) and trying to get our house ready for (1) Thanksgiving, (2) Christmas, and (3) a major life-event we are anticipating mid-next-year.

In any event, I've been busy. :)

Thanksgiving was a success and the the house is decorated for Christmas. Next thing you know it will be time to start packing to visit family again.

As you can see from the prior post, Becket continues to learn and grow. He's at an age now were we can actually play together to a certain degree (which is great). Unfortunately, (as to be expected) he has a lot more energy then me particularly after I've picked him up and tossed him a few times. Sometimes I just like to play the I'm-going-to-lay-on-the-floor-and-let-Becket-sit-on-me-game. Sometimes he really likes that. Other times he wants to be chased.

Anyway, as the title states... I'm still out here. Hopefully I can find some time for other longer length articles. For those of you that can't live without more frequent updates, I post to twitter or you can look at the side-bar on the right. I'm also on facebook pretty often if you haven't found me there yet.