Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goldsmith Lane getting Bike Lanes

This is the part over between Bardstown Road and Bon Air.

Saw this over on Every time I drove that stretch of Goldsmith I always thought that the road was really wide. Certainly wider than it needed to be. I have no idea why the road was ever built that wide in the first place, but this seams to me to be a pretty good use of the space.

You know this is going to work twice...

Excellent Penny Arcade today.

Monday, December 12, 2011

So you think this is automatic?

This is why engineers are important. :)

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When are the 12 days of Christmas?

So according to the song... there are "12 days of Christmas", when is the First day of Christmas?

December 12th?  Wrong.

December 13th?  Wrong.

The "First Day of Christmas" is December 25th.  Christmas Day.  The twelfth day of Christmas is a little bit harder to figure out as it differs for different Christian traditions, but the twelfth night is always January 5th, which is immediately followed by the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6th.  The Epiphany is the celebration of the wise men visiting the baby Jesus. Yes... the wise men took a while to get there. They did not show up on Christmas Day/Night as you might think.

I'm not a particuliarly religious person, so I don't know why this bothers me so much... I suspect it's the history buff in me more than anything.

The point is:
  1. The Twelve Days of Christmas occur after Christmas day, not before.
  2. Don't take down your Christmas tree before New Years... it's still Christmas. Christmas run nearly a full week into January.
For more info:

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Is it possible to love a man I've never met? (Sorry dear...)

"What our fans have to understand is you have a coach and we’re trying to build a program, so when all the noise in the system and all the rumors start, just don’t even focus on it," Strong said. "Don’t even turn your attention to it. Nothing is going to happen."


"At some point, just trust me," Strong said. "I’m not looking for a job. I have a job. I’m the head coach at the University of Louisville."


"Every time something happens, I’ve got to make a statement?" Strong said. "It probably makes other schools look good to say ‘Hey we’re pursuing this coach or we’re pursuing that coach.’"

"I work for an unbelievable athletic director, I work for a guy who has given me everything I have asked for," Strong said. "You have so much support from the university, from the city of Louisville. Now all of a sudden, a guy who couldn’t get a job has a job and has some success -- why would we ever think now that he’s just going to chop it and leave?"

"The University of Louisville is not going to become training ground for college coaches," he said.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Super Cheap apps on Android Market

Meant to post this yesterday, and as it stands there's only a few more hours to take advantage of today's deals... to celelbrate the 10 billionth app download in the android market, google has reduced the price on certain apps to just 10 cents. 10 apps were offered yesterday and a different set of ten apps are offered today. Once you've bought an app (regardless of the price paid). You own the rights to use that app. Even if you uninstall it you can reinstall it later or reinstall it on any other android device tied to the same google account. Personally, I think is worth a dollar a day just on the off chance I decide I want the app later.

That said, my personal recommendation for today's apps: