Friday, September 09, 2011

<Ring>... so I keep trying to email this file and it says undeliverable...

This one is too, too true. Big files for the not-technically-inclined are hard. However, I'm a pretty big supporter of the last suggestion, dropbox. (Yes, that's my referral URL).

If you don't have an account, you can upload files to dropbox and then access them via the web or via your phone (there are native apps for android, iphone, I know). If you have multiple computers, you can even have dropbox automatically sync the files to the computer... so as soon as you upload a file on one PC it starts downloading on the other. Super convenient. You can even share files with people that don't have a dropbox account... so in the example below... only the cousin has to sign up the send a link to the person on the phone.

Anyway... if you sign up via the link above... I get more space. Thanks if you do. Not offended if you don't.
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