Thursday, September 08, 2011

Google Music (Beta) Invites up for grabs

So I have a few Google Music Invites available that I can hand out if anyone is interested. I believe they launched a web interface that works on the iPhone today, but the native android app is probably the best way to go.

If you aren't familiar with Google Music... you can upload your music collection to Google's servers and then play it back from a web browser (or phone) anywhere. Google Music uses a small app (Music Manager) that can upload your tracks from a PC, Mac or Linux to their servers. Music Manager even supports iTunes so as you and to your library songs are upgraded automatically.

I was always conflicted about the iPod (or really any MP3 player) because my MP3 collection is about 40GB and I never wanted to try and figure out which part of my collection wasn't going on it. With a service like Google Music... I don't have to pick... my entire collection is available to me at any time.

Obviously, this is similar to Amazon's Cloud Drive and Apple's soon-to-launch iCloud, but Google Music is free (for the time being anyway) and it's available now.

To be clear, Google has stated that Google Music will be free during the Beta period, but they were obviously intentionally vague about what will happen after that point. Personally, I think they are watching the market to see what happens with the other services in order to see how to compete. In the meantime... I'll take advantage of it.


  1. If my collection was only 40GB, I wouldn't have to worry about it on my 60GB iPod. It's somewhere north of that though...I really need to clean it out some.

  2. I haven't checked the total file size in a while. My wife actually has an 80GB iPod (which is why we run iTunes)... and it was a 40GB collection about the time we bought the iPod. Regardless... Google Music lets you store 20K tracks and the size doesn't matter so much. Right now I'm only using about 10K so I've got quite a bit of space for growth.