Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monkey Simulator Reproduces Shakespeare

When I took simulations, I just wrote a program to simulate running a bank of elevators in a high-rise building (I can't wait for an elevator now without contemplating what the control software was having that elevator car do based on the time of day).

Anyway... this guy decided to write a simulator to simulate a monkey typing on a typewriter.... then ran millions of them until he successfully reproduced Shakespeare.

He's hoping to keep running until he reproduces all of Shakespeare's works.

Of course, once their done... what's he going to do with all of those virtual monkeys. Maybe it's time to start seeking new funding for the Super Monkey Collider (I'm sure scientists would be equally interested in the effects on virtual monkeys as on real ones).

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A Few Million Monkeys Randomly Recreate Shakespeare

Today (2011-09-23) at 2:30 PST the monkeys successfully randomly recreated A Lover’s Complaint. This is the first time a work of Shakespeare has actually been randomly reproduced.  Furthermore, this is the largest work ever randomly reproduced. It is one small step for a monkey, one giant leap for virtual primates everywhere.


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