Sunday, September 25, 2011

Epic Touch 4G Useful tips and tricks

As some of you may know, I picked up the (completely unreasonably named Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch last weekend after my Sprint Epic 4G suddenly refused to boot while I was travelling.

I had been looking forward to the Epic 4G Touch since before the name was known (anybody else recall the "Within" code name?), but I wasn't really planning to rush out and buy it... I was thinking I would at least wait a month, but I guess all I needed was a little nudge.

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I'll have to say so far, I really like it. Frankly, while I was strongly biased towards phones with keyboards (my three previous phones in chronological order was a Blackberry Curve 9330, Samsung Moment, and, of course, the Epic 4G). However, I was beta-testing Swype on my Moment, and it came pre-loaded on my Epic and was my everyday keyboard. Only on rare occasions did I ever bother to open the physical keyboard. I won't lie, if there was a "Galaxy S II" on Sprint with a keyboard, I would have felt quite conflicted... but as there isn't... I think I've learned that I might actually be happier without it.

See... the Epic 4G Touch is THIN. Just a hair thicker then three eighths of an inch. It's also incredibly light at 4.6 ounces. A keyboard would have just made the phone bigger and heavier.

Oh yeah, the 4.52" screen is gorgeous, and according to LINPACK the phone is more than 4 times faster then my Epic. Best of all, the battery life has been pretty good. I've actually managed to go a whole day without charging... which for Android (and a phone addict like me that's on it way too much... is actually quite good).

Anyway... I'm not intending to do a full review here, but rather to post to some useful links and info that's been popping up on Android Central's forums. If you want to read their review.... go right ahead.

The excerpt that I'm highlighting below is about how to customize the phone's lock screen... which is not a "stock" Android feature. At the risk of being a parent, I decided to use a photo of my kids for my lock screen:

Some other interesting articles popped up as well:

  1. The first, again excerpted below, is exact instructions on customizing the lock screen.
  2. The second highlights some of the unique features of the phone. For example, I had no idea it supported USB host until I read this post. Lots of useful info if you're curious about the phone.
  3. The third, is a report from a user showing that he managed to get 30 hours of battery life out of the phone.
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To customize the lock screen on other phones can mean needing to root the phone or install third-party software. Samsung has made it easy to customize the Galaxy S II Series right out of the box.

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