Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Technology and the /very/ young

We don't let the kids play with our phones too often (unlike some parents), but my wife and I are technically "GenX". Regardless, Becket has played "Angry Birds" and we've been sittind down and occasionally playing "Epic Mickey" on the Wii (well technically, I play and we watches/comments).

I have often been wondering what this means for his perception of the world. My generation grew up asking our parents, "What was the world like when it was all Black and White?", but Becket and Eliza are growing up in a world of smart phones, TiVos and Netflix streaming. (For example, Becket doesn't understand that TV shows have schedules and he can't watch Dora at any time he wants because all too often we have an epside all ready recorded... when we don't... it blows his mind why we can't put one on).

I wonder how his perception of the world (and his perception of what the world was like for us in our youth) will be.

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Stat of the Day: 25% of Toddlers Have Used a Smartphone

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