Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The story of Keurig

While I wasn't aware of Keurig in the 90s, we did get on board about 2006 or so (much earlier then most people I know), and it was the right call for us.

Mostly because I don't drink coffee.

If you find that amusing, I'm serious... and here's why. My wife loves coffee, but since I don't drink it she would never brew a whole pot prefering instead to frequent coffee shops like Starbucks.... and while Keurig coffe on a per-cup basis is more expesive then brewing a pot of "Maxwell House", it's way cheaper then picking up a latte' at Starbucks.

Sadly our Keuring is starting to show it's age and we may need to replace it before too long, but it's served as well so far.

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But today, 16 years after that trip to the hospital, the company Sylvan dreamed up is a billion-dollar juggernaut. Keurig’s commercial models are now in 13 percent of American workplaces (and more than 25 percent of those in Boston). Last Christmas, one out of every four home coffee makers sold in the United States was a Keurig. Lately the brand has taken on a viral quality: If someone gets a machine and shows it off to friends, soon everyone else in the neighborhood wants one, too.


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