Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Netflix available on even more Android devices...

I would have thought my Sprint Epic 4G would have been one of the first devices Netflix supported. Long before releasing anything on Android they had released statements indicating that their support was going to be contingent on their ability to secure content via DRM. Now my feelings about DRM aside for the momemt, all Samsung Galaxy S devices (including the the Epic 4G) have DRM services in order to secure content purchased through Samsung's own "Media Hub" application (which also allows for video rentals).

I suppose there wasn't an easy way for Netflix to piggyback on the existing service.

Nevertheless... glad to see it finally officially supported. Ironically, I've been able to use it from the very first Android release on my hacked Nook color, but this is the first build that I've seen run on the Epic.

Netflix for Android

So, the good: Netflix has quietly added support for a slew of Android phones, bringing the total to 24. That's two dozen devices on which to stream movies to your heart's content -- including the upcoming Motorola Droid Bionic.


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