Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Android Central's Android 101: How to check what has been using your battery

AndroidCentral.com offers yet another tip for android beginners. I've been intending to do some articles to help my friends and family get acquainted with their new phones. To date, I haven't had the time yet, but in the meantime I'm going to re-post any of these articles that I come across.

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Battery Monitor

One thing Android devices are not known for is having stellar battery life, but most of us can live with that because of all the other amazing things it can do. We have all come to the realization we need to monitor our battery life, and see exactly what is eating it up throughout the day, but what about the new folks who don't know how to do this, they are missing out. Well, with just a few simple steps you can monitor your battery life as well, and gain a better understanding of what is draining it, and look for some ways to help improve it.

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