Monday, September 19, 2011

Sprint Premier... Going... Going...

Gone. :(

If you haven't heard, some recently leaked internal Sprint documents show that Sprint has decided to do away with the Sprint Premier program.

As a long-time sprint customer (nearly 12 years continuously) this bothers me, but not enough for me to jump ship. I still get good coverage in the areas I care about and Sprint's rates (for me) are still way better then the alternatives.... I thought it was a shame when the changed the program last year and now to see it go is just sad.

I buy their justification, but all the same... Sprint Premier was a big "plus" in Sprint's favor on my comparison chart. It's one more thing that no longer differentiates them. Hopefully Sprint will keep their unlimited data and aggressive pricing, but if those were to fall by the wayside... I would definitely have to consider a switch.

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For starters, the Sprint Premier program is coming to an end.  Current members will be hearing from Sprint sometime after Sept. 16 with all the details, but the short version is starting at the beginning of this month, enrollment in the program stopped, and you'll have to use your current (and final) Premier upgrade on or before Dec. 31, 2012.  In addition, the other smaller but just as appreciated perks like accessory discounts and annual anniversary gifts end Dec. 31, 2011.  Employees have been instructed how to let everyone down easy, but this will sting no matter how you slice it.


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