Monday, August 08, 2011

More Economic Heartburn...

I'm sure everyone feels inundated with all the economic talk out there, but I found yet another interesting article on that looks at how oil prices play into the current US economic conundrum.

Needless to say, this article finds fault with basically every president we've had since the 70s with the possible exception of Clinton.

I think there is an important aspect to those administrations he doesn't touch on... military spending. Regardless of your perspective on military spending... you can't argue that Regan, both Bush's and Obama have all spent a ton of money on the military and that has all coincided with huge growths in the national deficit.

Personally, I'm happy to vote LP.

Normally, consumers consider falling oil and gasoline prices to be good news. They have to pay less to fill up their tanks. And if the reason for that is that oil supplies are increasing at a rate faster than demand is increasing, it can indeed be a good situation for consumers, and good for the economy.


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