Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Louisville Clock heading back to Fourth?

I only knew the Louisville Clock when I visited it outside of Kentucky Kingdom before it was mothballed. I'd been following the restoration efforts that were chronicled in the Courier-Journal and was surprised that the Zoo location had fallen through. Glad to see that people are trying to find a new home for the clock... particuliarly back on Fourth Street where it started. Landmarks like this only make the city more interesting.

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At the beginning of July, WFPL reported that the Louisville Derby Clock, the whimsical animated time piece by local sculptor Barney Bright, could be headed back downtown after all. After the clock was meticulously restored by a group led by Adam Burckle of Adams Matthews, Inc., officials hoped to install the clock at the Louisville Zoo. In 2009, we suggested a site on Fourth Street would be much more desirable than a location at the zoo, so it’s welcome news that the clock will again be in a freely accessible public location.

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