Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cardinal Football kickoff in about 50 hours

If you haven't heard UofL Defensive Coordinator Lance Bedford's "train" comments, this video is a great way to experience it for the first time:

It looks like the game will be broadcast on ESPNUHD and I'm surprised to see I actually get that channel (for any of us in the Houston area, that's Comcast channel 725). The game kicks off at 5:00PM Houston Time so everyone West of Louisville should plan their work schedules accordingly.

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Vegas has picked the cardinals to be a 30 point favorite over the Murray State Racers and pretty much every analyst has followed the line with one notable exception:

Former Louisville Courier-Journal Sports Writer and now ESPN Analyst, Pat Forde, has picked the Racers to upset the Cards.... and for pretty sound reasons. UofL will be starting two freshman corner backs and the Racers passing attack last season (same starting QB) passed for 314 yards and scored 26 points per game last season.

While I can't pick the cards to loose in their opener under Coach Strong, mostly because while we're inexperienced we are too talented and too well coached to not be prepared... I think this game will be closer then what the Vegas line indicates.

All said.... I can't wait.

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