Sunday, August 21, 2011

Android101: Closing a misbehaving app

Another in Android Central's series for new users of Android.

For a long time there was a belief that Android phones needed a "task killer" application to kill runaway programs. This is because, in general, applications aren't closed when you exited them... they remain running and the OS decides if and/or when it needs to be shutdown.

Earlier releases of android weren't nearly as good at this as more modern releases.

In fact, now people are finding that task killers often hurt more than they help. This because in many cases and overzealous task killer will terminate an application that actually needs to be running. When the OS realizes that the process died it will automatically restart it... all of the shutting down and restarting of the processes actually consume more resources (and ultimately battery) then if everything was just left alone.

Having said all that... sometimes you do need to terminate an app... and when you have to do it, it's nice to know that every Android device has a built in way to kill tasks... even if it is buried under about 3-3 layers of settings menus.

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