Monday, August 22, 2011

Android 101: What's using your battery...

AndroidCentral delivers another new user tip on how to monitor your power consumption on Android.

Personally, I find the built-in tools in Android to be lackluster, at best. Worse still, I haven't found any 3rd party tools to be any better. That said, everyone with an Android phone needs to be familiar with the built-in capabilities so if none of this is familiar... click the link and check it out.

If anyone out there is aware of better battery monitoring tools, I'm all ears. Feel free to use the "email me" link from my blog's sidebar (or if you are reading this on some other social network... message me using the tools provided).

What am I looking for? Why is "Android System" using so much power (particularly partial wake usage)? It's like a black box. What specifically is the Android System doing? Solutions requiring root are perfectly acceptable.

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Battery stats
Ever wonder what it is that's draining your battery? Is it a rogue app, or are you just using your phone a lot? Let's find out.

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