Saturday, July 23, 2011

My favorite comic strip of all time?

Geeks love their comic strips. Whether its Dilbert, Penny Arcade or something else... we all have some strip that we hold onto. However, I distinctly remember seeing the below strip in hte newspaper one morning when I was in college and I thought it pretty much summed up my life.

I always have to take it to the next level.

I had a hard time tracking this down, but it turns out Bill Amend is regular poster on twitter... A couple of months ago I asked him directly about the comic and while he wasn't sure how to find it... one of his other twitter followers was kind enough to supply a link.

Maybe one of these days I'll buy this as a framed art print.

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  1. Any Dilbert fan needs a link to the Dilbert Strip Finder in their collection. Full text search of all Dilbert cartoons.

  2. Sorry I didn't post your comment sooner... for some reason blogger flagged it as one to be moderated and I didn't get any kind of notification.