Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bush Intercontinal Airport Proposed Expansion

I saw this article in the Houston Chronicle this afternoon about two (or maybe just one) additional runways which may or may not be built at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) here in Houston. As the biggest airport in Houston (and pretty close to my house) Any construction at IAH can potentially affect me. For the good (more flights to choose from when I travel) to the bad (more planes flying over my house, road construction to avoid, etc.)

However, folks in the Timberwood neighborhood could be really affected if they choose options "C" or "D" for runways construction (or worst case both).

While the paperwork on the EIS site is interesting, I thought that a Google Map that you can drag and/or zoom in on (and turn roads on and off) would be a better way to look at this.

So I made one:

View IAH Existing and Proposed Runways in a larger map

As usual, I included an icon showing the location of my neighborhood as well as Timberwood (the affected neighborhood discussed in the article).

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