Thursday, April 10, 2008

DTSMA Coming to PS3 RSN!

Two posts in two days? Who'd a thunk it?

Sony has finally announced decoding of DTS Master Audio for the Playstation3!!!

I literally jumped out of my chair when I read this!

This has been my single biggest issue with the PS3 since purchasing it! Fox has been pumping out DTS-MA tracks for quite some time now. X-Men III, for example, features a 6-channel DTS-MA track and that was one of the earliest discs I purchased last fall. However, it's been impossible for me to listen to the 6-channel goodness, but the PS3 cannot bistream DTS-MA to my receiver.. nor could it decode the audio and transmit it as a 6-channel PCM stream to the receiver.

In my experience... when Sony announces a firmware update... it goes live within a couple of days... so there's a very good chance I'll finally get to hear the high definition soundtrack this weekend.

The recent updates to Blu-Ray Profile 2.0 and now this... this PS3 is without a doubt the single best Blu-Ray player on the market and arguably the cheapest... never mind it's other capabilities like Media streaming, or the fact that... oh yeah.... it plays games too!

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