Monday, March 03, 2008

Apparently I've been remiss...

Several of you already "in the know", have scolded me that I haven't made any mention here of a relatively recent, and rather significant life event. I apologize, but in my defense... it's generally thought of as good practice to wait until the end of the first trimester, to make a proclamation to the entire planet.

Which is today.

For the really dense:

Shannon's pregnant.
I'm going to be a dad.

1st Ultrasound001, originally uploaded by arwild01.

Wild0003, originally uploaded by arwild01.

Freaky, eh?


  1. Congratulations! For our first, we waited until 12-14 weeks to really tell anyone. No problems there, but then we had two miscarriages last year between the 7 and 10 week point.

    I think we're on week 18 on the current pregnancy, with plenty of ultrasound confirmation that everything is viable, but we still haven't been overly aggressive in telling the world.

  2. Congratulations, Alan!