Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation (err... Monday after work)

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So Shannon saw that Houston Plants and Garden Centers was having their annual fall clearance sale... she didn't find any plants there she liked, but she did find some crape myrtles on sale at Lowe's. So Monday she planted one of them in the front flower beds while also ripping out some of the flowers we had and replacing them them with some mums and fire bush.

However, Monday after work we went crazy and built a new flower bed. We dug out all the sod, installed plastic edging, added dirt, mulch and planted 3 more crape myrtles. We literally worked into the night. I dug up the sod so I didn't feel too bad letting her dig the holes for the plants while I held the flashlight :)

Tuesday she purchased the rocks to line the edge of the patio. They were only about $2 at Dirt Cheap Mulch.

Now we have something to look at outside our bedroom window.

IMG_2616, originally uploaded by arwild01.

I had to get photos of the results. The first photo above also gave me an opportunity to use my new wide-angle lens for my digital camera. I also went ahead and got some photos of our other landscaping. You can see that our Knock-our Roses are really growing.

Our flickr site has more photos, but their only accessible to flickr members we've marked as Friends and Family. If you don't have access, send me a note (My e-mail address is available on the sidebar to to the right) and I'll send you an invite to our photos.

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