Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11th HT Wiring Diagram

August 11th HT Wiring Diagram, originally uploaded by arwild01.

So I'll have to admit... working on wiring brings out the OCD in me. :)

Turns out it didn't take too long to complete and I"m really happy with the results. The big downside of the new configuration: if you want to watch HDTV it's not sufficient to turn on the TV and receiver.... you also need to turn on the video switch.

But there are several advantages...

One of my gripes with the Denon 3801 is that you cannot "rename" or "program" the names of the devices for each input. The names are fixed. Additionally, although the receiver does have 2 sets of component inputs, they are each coupled to a specific input, specifically, the DVD and TV/DBS inputs. This meant that previously when I had a DVD Player and PS2 attached in my hometheater when you selected the "DVD" input you got the "PS2". TO get to the DVD player you actually had to select "VCD", In addition, the "cable box" was previously on the VCR-1 input and the VCR was also on the VCD input (VCD was the video switch... so it was multiple devices).

Now things make more sense:

  • To watch HDTV:

    1. You select "Cable" on the Video Switch
    2. You select "TV/DBS" on the Receiver
    3. Finally you select DTV on the Television

  • To watch the VCR:

    1. You select VCR-1 on the Receiver
    2. You select "AUX" on the TV (okay, not so great, but the other two inputs are labeled DTV and DVD... so it's clearly not those)

  • To watch a DVD:

    1. You select DVD on the Receiver
    2. You select DVD on the TV

So on the whole...I think it makes a lot more sense.

As you can see, I've updated the diagram. Turns out it was easier to use different numbers for the devices on the video switch, but the labels are the same as I said they would be. I've also hooked up the L/R Analog audio for the PS3: This will allow me to potentially listen to SACD's through the PS3. Finally, I opted to use the Coaxial Digital Cable for the DVD Player instead of an optical cable. This leaves an open optical input on the receiver.... I could hook this to the SACD changer if I wanted to, but for now I think I'll leave it open.

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